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How to Start a Compost Tumbler

A good compost tumbler is necessary if you want to harvest nutrient-rich compost in the shortest time possible. A compost tumbler can produce compost in just a few weeks as compared to ordinary compost bins. One of the main factors in speeding up the composting process is aeration. Normally, aeration is done using a pitchfork […]

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How to Reduce Compost Tumbler Odor

Although the compost tumbler is effective in generating healthy fertilizers in a matter of weeks, you have to be sure to load the proper proportions of brown and green ingredients. Like compost bins, compost tumblers reduce the smell of compost pile. A foul odor coming from the compost tumbler is a sign of a problem. […]

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Compost Tumbler Tips

A compost tumbler is the perfect device for faster and neater composting. Tumblers promise to deliver fast results in as little as three weeks with just a few turns. Despite the expensive price, compost tumblers are a popular choice because of their rodent-free and odor-free design. Some composters have complained about how difficult it is […]

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Is Your Compost Tumbler Too Wet?

One of the complications of composting is wet compost. This can be a big problem not only because it slows down the composting process, but it also produces a foul odor. There are three causes of a very wet compost: poor air flow, excess moisture, or not enough nitrogen-rich ingredients in the compost pile. A […]

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Compost Tumblers vs. Compost Bins

Composting is becoming popular with many gardeners and homeowners who wish to make their very own compost for their gardens. With the influx of users hoping to make their own compost, there is a range of composters available today. However, some of them may not have what it takes to help you sustain your gardens […]

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How to Make Compost Tea for Vegetables

As for the vegetable garden, it’s not about whether or not you need to use compost tea, but how to produce it yourself. Learning how to make compost tea is particularly crucial when you need to add organic matter to the soil. It’s often essential to provide the growing veggies with a fertilizer boost at […]

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