About CompostBinHQ.com


My name is Ryan Flores, the head compost-guru here at CompostBinHQ.com. I started this site out of frustration because when I wanted to start making my own compost, I found it very difficult to select the right tumbler.

Ryan Flores & Family Garden

After a lot of research, I figured out what features to look for and thought, you know what, why don’t I put together a website to help other people avoid the same struggles I went through when look for the best compost bin.

A few months later, CompostBinHQ was launched. It’s been an exciting ride with plenty of ups and downs, but I’m happy to provide my fellow gardeners with the information they need to make their own compost for their garden.

Growing your own food with fresh, organic, home-made compost is one of the healthiest and most rewarding things anyone can do. It brings me great pleasure every day to be able to share this knowledge with the world through my website.

I hope you find what you’re looking for here at CompostBinHQ. If there is anything I can do to help make your composting journey more fun and enjoyable, please reach out to me through my contact page and share you feedback. I love interacting with my website visitors and improving my site as much as I can.

Thanks and happy composting!

– Ryan Flores