Good Ideas 7-Cubic-Foot Compost Wizard Jr.

Want to make compost in your home and introduce your children to the art of composting? Do you also want your composter to be child and pet safe as well as easy to use? Well, look no further because Good Ideas offers the Compost Wizard Jr. and they say that it is not only safe to use, but also good for your family.


  • Good composting capacity
  • Quick composting time (14+ days)
  • Affordable


  • Not for large gardens
  • Flimsy base
  • Difficult to spin when full

Specifications and Features

This unique composting tumbler boasts of many features even though it looks very small at first. It also boasts of one of the easiest ways to make compost. It has aeration holes to make sure the compost stays moist and the material is very strong, allowing your composter to last for years in your family.

Here are some of the features that the Jr. model offers to its potential users:

  • It has a wheeled base so you can easily move this compost tumbler around your garden and roll the bin with ease.
  • The 12-inch twist lid allows your compost tumbler to be secured while it cooks and you can even use it as a turning point.
  • Aeration holes are all around the composting tumbler to provide airflow within the tumbler and users can add more holes if they live in low air current areas.
  • The tumbler is made from 100% recycled resin material and is painted black to ensure maximum heat absorption for your compost.

The Good

  • Capacity – It can hold up to 7 cubic feet of compost. Although it is small, it can still give you enough compost for all your projects. Children would also enjoy using this version because of its capacity and weight.
  • Design - Some users say that this junior version of the larger Compost Wizard can actually go head to head with its big brother. The design is similar and the capacity is similar too. It is also very good when it comes to making compost really quickly just like the big brother, by giving it a few turns per week and adding some water in it.
  • Ready To Use - Users also like the fact that this composter does not need to be assembled. Just set it on the ground, put compost and you are ready to go.
  • Composition Time – Just turn the tumbler once a week and when you add new compost material, and your compost would be cooked in as little as 14 days.
  • Pest and Odor Control – This composter has a secured lid that keeps pests and odors away from your family.
  • Cost – You can buy the Compost Wizard Jr. for a price between $111 and $160, depending on where you buy. (For the best price, visit the link at the bottom of this post).

The Bad

  • Ventilation - Some customers argue that this compost bin does not have a good ventilation system. Although it has several holes in it, they are not enough to properly dry out the compost within. Even if one adds more holes to suck the moisture out, it is not enough to dry the compost. Since there is no aeration within the tumbler, the compost time is prolonged significantly.
  • Tumbling Design - The tumbling feature is also not very good because of the lack of the mechanism to mix the compost inside the tumbler. Users said they had to modify the tumbler, so it would mix easily, before they could make compost.
  • Hard To Turn - It is also very hard to turn once it is completely full, giving some users back and arm pain in the process.
  • Small Opening - They also complain about the small opening of the tumbler which makes it hard for users to turn the compost manually or distribute the material they wish to use for the compost.
  • Composting Time - Compost time is not very fast too; considering the claims about its design and compost mixing capacity.
  • Material - Others complain about the fact that the material used in this tumbler is poor. Some of the rivets keep popping out and if one does drill more holes to provide more aeration within the tumbler, it may affect the strength of the plastic and cause it to fall apart.
  • Flimsy Base - The base is flimsy to the point that it disables the tumbler from rolling properly. Unloading the compost is not easy as well, especially because of the small opening of this tumbler.

Is The Compost Wizard Jr. Right For Me?

Best Suited for…

People looking for a small, affordable composter that is ready to use out of the box with no assembly required

Not So Great for…

People who have a large garden that requires a lot of compost, or people looking to for the best composter money can buy

The Final Verdict

If you're looking for something that:

  • Is affordable and easy to setup
  • Produces compost easily without much hassle
  • Can be wheeled around your yard with little effort

​Then the CW Junior is the perfect tumbler for you and your garden.

Although it’s a smaller version of Good Ideas’ Compost Wizard, this little compost tumbler can pack a punch. If you want a tumbler that works well for you and your children without taking too much space, you can check out this Compost Wizard Jr.

If you're looking for something with a larger capacity, you might want to look at the Dueling Tumbler or the Jora Composter.​

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