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How to Start a Compost Tumbler

A good compost tumbler is necessary if you want to harvest nutrient-rich compost in the shortest time possible. A compost tumbler can produce compost in just a few weeks as compared to ordinary compost bins. One of the main factors in speeding up the composting process is aeration. Normally, aeration is done using a pitchfork […]

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How to Reduce Compost Tumbler Odor

Although the compost tumbler is effective in generating healthy fertilizers in a matter of weeks, you have to be sure to load the proper proportions of brown and green ingredients. Like compost bins, compost tumblers reduce the smell of compost pile. A foul odor coming from the compost tumbler is a sign of a problem. […]

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Compost Tumbler Tips

A compost tumbler is the perfect device for faster and neater composting. Tumblers promise to deliver fast results in as little as three weeks with just a few turns. Despite the expensive price, compost tumblers are a popular choice because of their rodent-free and odor-free design. Some composters have complained about how difficult it is […]

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Is Your Compost Tumbler Too Wet?

One of the complications of composting is wet compost. This can be a big problem not only because it slows down the composting process, but it also produces a foul odor. There are three causes of a very wet compost: poor air flow, excess moisture, or not enough nitrogen-rich ingredients in the compost pile. A […]

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